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Hi there my name is Rachel and my weeb name is kiza it's left over from my neopets days which I have relapsed into so yeah call me whichever. If you want to know how I tag things please check out by about page! my ask box is always open, so please, feel free to send me a message any time.

Stripe posted a doodleset of some of her characters from our revived RP and I got jealous and wanted to do the same thing so instead of studying for finals or working on REALLY OVERDUE holiday gifts i did this

maybe if i have time I’ll slap some color on these bad boys, I had a lot of fun drawing them and playing with style uou

Posted on Dec 08— 10 months ago
  1. brie-bourgeoise said: I want details yo I love OCs (also holyshit pat and chris are my grandparents’ names and christine is usually angry so that only makes this better like no grandma be chill but she’s like oBAMA IS BAD bc she’s republican and yeah angry chris’s everywhere)
  2. tehstripe said: ANTHONY IS WEARING THE BIGGEST :[ FACE I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE also precious children, all of them
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